Audio video systems, importing and marketing multimedia projectors bulbs, command and control systems for home automation, smart boardrooms, home theater applications and lighting and sound systems accessories.

A.T.M.-Tech Ltd. is a leading company in the AUDIO VISUAL field in Israel.
Thanks to our high proficiency and our accumulated and up to date extensive knowledge, we are capable to come up with perfect solutions to meet a multitude of various needs demanded in the field, to the customers' full satisfaction.
We import and distribute renowned brands from all over the globe as well as multimedia projector lamps, electronic spare parts, control devices and application tools.

Our second company, P.A.I. Light & Sound Ltd., deals with import and distribution of product families customized for the entertainment industry of many of the world famous and leading brands.

We believe customer service is above all and therefore we provide our own lab services as well.

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Audio Video Systems & Multimedia Control Devices

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